Blogging….once again!

Dear Blog,

Working on an iPad can be quite the challenge, especially when there are so many apps to put on it to distract one from “productive ventures”!
Oh! Please don’t get me wrong….I completely LOVE my iPad! I do use it for all sorts of things that are productive, and help my work load, my social media efforts, my loin businesses, and, yes! I play games on it.
Probably some of the more interesting things that I can do on my iPad have to do with those apps that challenge my own personal “learning curve”. Like this WordPress app! It is just enough of a “blogging tool” that I am quite interested in resurrecting an old blog I had going many years ago. I am also learning how to use other social media and web based apps that might end up being very helpful in my business ventures. I am expanding my vocabulary with apps like Scrabble & Words with Friends! 🙂 I suppose they might be considered as games, but, to me, they are great on the smart food side of games, & help to keep the mind sharp & alive!
I am a ‘self-taught’ geekette, older than many of my fellow geeks that basically grew up with an iPod in one hand & a mouse in the other. I saw this technology wave building so many years ago, & have done my best to ride the crest of it, so as not to be left out of all the fun of it. So, I will keep adopting the tech as it evolves, and hope I am able to continue to stay young at heart, open of mind, & eager in spirit so that the learning never stops.
Now to see if I can actually publish this entry “from my iPad”! 🙂

Til the next post….